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Roe Deer…

Roe Deer (Capreolus capreolus) are one of only two of the six species of deer found in the UK that are actually considered native, the other being the Red Deer.  Despite being relatively widespread, their usually timid nature can make photographing them a real challenge.

Around 18 months ago I decided to make a project out of a local population of roe deer that I’d seen on a number of occasions grazing on a small area of meadow close to my home. Since I started visiting the site on a regular basis my level of understanding of how the deer behave has increased as, to a certain extent, has their tolerance of my presence. Whilst there is still plenty more I want to capture, focussing on this one site has helped me to start to achieve the aim I set out with, which was to photograph as many aspects of the life of a roe deer as possible. In the time I’ve been visiting them, I’ve had the opportunity to photograph various stages of their life, show the changes they go through over the course of the year (and changes in the environment in which they are living), and capture a range of behaviours from feeding to fighting.

The selection below represents a small sample of what I have photographed so far. The majority of the images are from the site that I have made the focus of my project so far, there are a few images from other locations though. This is a project I intend to carry on for some time yet, so this gallery should be updated with fresh images on a fairly regular basis.

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